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#IAMMRSMOM is our Movement.  We are building a Network of women to move and shape our culture, so that they can change the world. 

Each woman has been given a calling by God to affect and impact her community. This can be done in many ways...through her role in life, social change, being a mom, a wife, a friend, a sister, a confidant, and so much more. Often times we limit ourselves because of our title or the lack of one, but you have been given a great calling. You can change the world and what you do is important. From changing diapers to changing policies, it all matters. 

Let’s start a movement that shapes our world, right where we are. God wants us to shine like lights in a dark world. 

Let’s reach 1 billion women and be the hands of God, change agents in our community, powerhouses, and beacons of light. We want women across the world to seek God, live loved, and change the world while they are doing it. 

Join us today #IAMMRSMOM!

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