Learn How to Build Your Business Online, Set Up Your Tech, and Establish a Work Life Balance

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Are you an author, speaker, coach or small business owner that is tired of struggling in your business?

If you have been putting in the hours, reaching out to clients, and learning more skills, but still feel lost, it's time for things to change. 

If you want a clear pathway or road map to building your business online, this is your answer. 

Start Learning How to Manage Your Time, Set Up Your Tech, and Build Your Business Online

Stop wasting time searching for answers. Join the membership academy that will teach you how to build an online presence that you can be proud of.

It's Time to Learn How to Build Your Business Online, Set Up Your Systems and Automate

You can't allow the constraints of time and space stop you from building a successful business.  You have to take control and change the trajectory of your destiny. 

Today, that means building your business online.  If you want to build your business online, you have to establish a your online platform.  That means you need a website, a well functioning social media presence, funnels that make you money in your sleep, an email system that allows you to speak to multiple clients at one time, and tons of automation. 

Nothing should be able to stop you from sharing your message, helping more people, and making more money online.  If you feel stuck, then it's time for you to link up with someone that can help you get unstuck. 

It's time to get in to the membership where you can learn the tools, techniques, and skills needed to run your business online.    

If you are you ready to stop stressing over every single part of your business and want to shift to a system that can run while you sleep, it's time to take action.  


Let's talk about what this program is.

  • In this membership academy, you will learn the ins and outs of running your business online. 
  • You will focus on goals and time management, having the right mindset, setting up strategies, building your tech and automating it.
  • Every month you will receive new trainings, tasks, and materials that help you to progress in your business, build your platform, prepare you for the road ahead, and equip you to make wise decisions.
  • Monthly Q & A sessions  to help you overcome the hurdles.  I hold office hours on a regular bases and offer Q & A sessions,  where you can ask questions and receive hands on assistance.  
  • You get to connect with your peers in our community.  You can also ask questions in the community to get additional help. 
  • This program continues to evolve, making sure that you are up to date with the trends, techniques, and tools needed for success in today's market. 

Wondering How You Can Benefit

Learn who this program is for and it's benefits

This membership is for Authors, Speakers, Coaches, and Entrepreneurs that want to build an online business with continual, monthly support.  If you want to take your time building out your business the smart way, instead of the hard way, this is for you.  It is for you if you want to have monthly access to an industry expert who can help you take stay abreast of the technology and it's innovations. 

It is also for you if you have previously made an investment into a program or service and have a limited budget, but still want to focus on building your business.  This is for entrepreneurs who are not able to make a large investment into programs or professionals to build your business, but still want to have the information and tools needed to build a successful business online. 

It is for entrepreneurs with an online business or own a brick & mortar business that needs to get things going online. It helps you if you cannot afford to hire virtual assistants, web designers, social media marketers, at this time, or if you are trying to figure out which online tools to help you grow and do more in your business. 

***It is very beneficial for Coaches, Authors and Service Providers trying to build or advance their online platform.

This program helps you to 

  1. Build your business online
  2. Establish and grow your platform
  3. Helps you maintain the mindset of success
  4. Helps you to develop a work/life balance. 



Throughout the membership you will learn how to

  1. Set and Achieve Goals

  2. Manage Your Time

  3. Have the Mindset of Success

  4. Build Your Website

  5. Plan Out Your Content

  6. Create Landing Pages

  7. Write Blogs

  8. Start Email Marketing

  9. Set Up Funnels

  10. Set Up & Grow Your Social Media

  11. Automate to Save Time

  12. Price Your Products & Services

  13. Establish Your Customer Journey

  14. Set Up Your Sales Process



"I am really enjoying this program. It is very helpful and positive for me. I am excited about new opportunities for my business, as well as my home life. I really appreciate this service. "

Tiara Cohen
Owner of Hair Miracles

Get What You Need on Your Journey to Success

Have the tools, leadership, and support that you need to succeed

As A Member of the Academy

You will learn and be equipped in...

Benefit One: Time Management & Productivity

Find Fulfillment & Balance by being productive in your life, setting goals, and achieving them.

Benefit Two: Personal Development

Develop a successful mindset, becoming confident in who you are and what you can do. 

Benefit Three: Business Development

Utilize new skills in the online market, graphic/web design, and content marketing to start or manage your own business.

"Makeda makes people commit to being dedicated. If you don't know what you want to do, she will help you figure it out. She meets everyone where they are and that is one of the greatest benefits of working with her. It is a game changer. It's knowing that you can do something, but she helps you get there. She pushes you out of your comfort zone and right into your "I can" and beyond. For me, as a high achiever, being a woman, I really needed this. "

Ms. Nicole
Owner of A Place for Kids Daycare

Programs Included in Your Academy Membership

All of the following programs are included in your monthly membership

"Makeda has helped me numerous times, when I felt overwhelmed and needed someone to help me get back on track in, not only my business, but my life too. She is patient and wise providing guidance you just cannot find anywhere. I am thankful for her willingness to help other women like me."

Alyssa Avant
Author & Owner of Alyssa Avant and Company

"High Achievers Academy helped me create my 1st launch for my live event, last month. The launch helped me get my first group clients before the event was even over. Thank you Makeda!"

LaMeshia Conley
Owner of Marketing with Mesh

""I asked Makeda Rodriguez for her assistance and got more than I expected. From our initial consultation, she took my ideas to a whole new level. She also gave me tips on how to expand my business. I am so thankful for her help and I highly recommend her. ""

Tiara Cohen
Owner of Hair Miracles

Features of the High Achiever's Academy

Gain the knowledge you need for your own personal and professional growth and development through MONTHLY  TRAINING on various topics.

Have an online, EXCLUSIVE COMMUNITY, away from the distractions of social media, where you can connect with other women like you.

Be EMPOWERED and held ACCOUNTABLE throughout the process by receiving Encouraging Quotes,  ***ACCESS TO LIVE MONTHY Q & A SESSIONS, and Emails to Push You Through.

"I felt like Makeda's Higher Achievement academy should be a program that everyone who is thinking about starting a business and selling online should take first, and no steps should be skipped. Makeda takes a personal interest in all her clients and she really understands their business on an individual basis. I would never have thought that I would be building out my own website, but Makeda walks you through each step and makes it very easy. Makeda also provides you with the pros and cons of certain tools you can use and the outcome is inexpensive compared to the system and tools other programs refer to."

Tandra Nichols
Owner of Tandra's Adornments

I Want To Help You Achieve Your Goals, Set Up Your Business Online, and Automate the Tech.




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