1-1 Business Coaching & Strategy Sessions

When you are in business, you are aiming to win, but can't do it alone or without strategy.  Let me help you with my 1-1 Business Coaching and Strategy Sessions.

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What You Will Get

Each Coaching/Strategy Session come with

1-1 Coaching

You will have my focus and attention, as you receive coaching on your specific business needs and goals. 

Strategic Planning

We will spend time reviewing your goals, plans, and action steps to be successful in your business. 

Accountability & Motivation

I will hold you accountable to your actions because your success depends on you doing what you said you would do.  

Coaching Sessions

Individual Sessions

There are times where you need attention now! You don't want to work through a process for three months because your goals need immediate attention.  When this is the case, you can opt to receive individual 1-1 coaching sessions, within a one month time frame. 

“I want to help you achieve your dreams, but in order to do that, you have to focus your time, energy, efforts, and investments.  You have to decide what is important and do what it takes to obtain what you want.  I'm can help you strategically plan your pathway to success in your business."    ~Makeda Rodriguez

Coaching Packages

1-1 Coaching for Three (3) Months

When you want focus on your business development and transformation, the process takes time, energy, and focus.  With the three (3) month packages, I will help you with you with the planning and hold you accountable for the execution of your business success. 

"Working with Makeda 1-1, I have seen such tremendous growth, not only in my business, but within myself. Her consistent motivation encourages me to keep focusing on my goals. I look forward to working with her each week. I want the absolute best for my business and she helps me achieve that!!!"

Shannon Brown
CEO of CYO Empire

Need More Focus

Intense, Focus, and Productivity Sessions

There are times when you have a specific issue, concern, or project that you need to assistance with.  You want someone to help you with action steps and give you feedback. You may even need to hash out a few things.  This is what we do during our Intense, Focus, and Productivity Sessions.  


"I asked Makeda Rodriguez for her assistance and got more than I expected. From our initial consultation, she took my ideas to a whole new level. She also gave me tips on how to expand my business. I am so thankful for her help and I highly recommend her."

Tiara Cohen
Owner of Hair Miracles

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