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Makeda is an innovative, creative, and confident leader that doesn’t mind taking on a challenge to fulfill her mission.  She has spent countless hours helping women across the globe with their personal, professional, and spiritual lives.  While she works and focusing on the needs of those that come to her, she is also very passionate about having healthy relationships and time for self care.

For over a decade now, Makeda has spent her time devoted to making a difference in her world in a way that impacts everyone around her.  She has pursued and acquired master’s level training in Rehabilitation Counseling, Human Services Counseling, Adult & Higher Education, and Life Coaching.  She has earned a degree in English Language & Literature and is a licensed/ordained minister.

In the midst of all of these educational pursuits, Makeda has plunged into the online world, where she has not hesitated to make an impact, as well.  She is the Founder & CEO of Being Mrs. Mom®, a Life Coaching and Educational platform that helps women achieve success.  She has published a number of books and established a graphic and web design company, Red Word Host, that has also provided virtual assistance and strategic planning to entrepreneurs.

Makeda is a thought leader that does not allow the obstacles of life or the opinions of others to stand in the way of her mission to educate and encourage others, so that they can live a fulfilled and balanced life, hence creating their own success in both life and in business.  Through her works and her words, she has succeeded in reaching women and helping them through some of the most challenging times in their lives, but she is not done yet.  She continues to dream big and work smart, so that her children with reap the benefits of her work.

Makeda enjoys spending time with her husband, of over 17 years, her four children, and other loved ones.  She can be found with her head in a book or a pen in her hand  To maximize her level of impact and time with her family, she has established the High Achiever’s Academy for Thriving Women and Coaches 1-1 with women that desire to level up.  She prides herself in being a honorable woman of integrity that honors her relationship with the Most High, her husband, her children, and the cultivation of herself above all other endeavors.

Makeda is a Proverbs 31 Woman to the fullest and she never stops walking in her destiny, to level up.

Welcome to her platform, where you will never be alone or without a word of encouragement, and the education you need to become the same.


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